Thursday, April 19, 2012

Devil's Punch Schedule

Hi everyone! Melissa and I will be discussing Devil's Punch for our next blog chat. This book is number four in the Corine Solomon series. If you haven't started the series. Click here for more information.

Want to know more about Ann Aguirre? Click here.

The schedule for Devil's Punch
4/26: end of Chapter Club Hell
5/3: end of book

To Past or not past tense.....

So I decided last minute to enter the writing competition for Writer's Digest. I was going to pass on this one but I thought, what the heck. I came up with a good idea. Well at least I thought it was good, lol. Now I'm torn. I really feel this story would work well with present tense but my past tense wants to come in.

When it comes to writing fiction, I'm all about the past tense. I started writing yesterday and that past tense came in. As of right now, I went back and fixed it to present.

Has that ever happened to you where you know you should stick with a certain tense but yet the other comes through? Do I take that as a sign?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Keep It To Yourself

You know it makes me sad when I see people leaving comments against someone's religion. Fine, do it on your page but to diss someone on their own page? What has this world come to? It makes me wonder how they can still be friends.

I have friends of all kinds of religion; Catholics, Jewish, Protestants, Atheists, and even Wiccan. I'm sure I'm missing one. I might be a Methodist but I enjoy my friendship with each one of them. I might never have a need to follow their religion or want to switch over anytime soon but I'm always curious to learn about them.

Everyone is allowed to have their own opinions. I have mine. When it comes to giving my opinion, I might say it but I'm not going to go and diss theirs. What do I do when someone does it to me? I just ignore it. I know I'm the better person. Or maybe it's because I'm one of those people who still believe in the whole, make love not war. No, I'm not going to make everyone sing, Kumbaya. I just have always believed in living everyday to the fullest. Sure I have my down days but I know the next day or the next will be better.

Anyways, back to the beginning of the post. I just think people need to learn to accept other people's opinion. Sure no one is perfect but face it, if we were the same, life would be boring.

Have you ever had someone diss your religion? Maybe not religion but something else that you loved like even a TV show?