Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eric is back!!

Yea, my True Blood is back. I enjoy my summers when I can see Eric. When it comes to television, he has to be my favorite vampire. Love him in the books also but Bones from Night Huntress series is technically my favorite book vampire.

So far this season isn't too bad. I'm always curious to know what they will change in the series compared to the book. I'm curious to know how Sookie and Eric's relationship will development. Bill? Still can't stand the vampire.

I do have to read the last two books still and the collection of short stories. Hope to do it soon so I can be caught up, especially if Alan Ball throws something in the TV series that's in the later books.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What Are You Hiding?

So in my free time, I like to write other stories that aren't my main story. It's a story that is dying to get out. I also look at it as practice. So I'm going in without anyone reading or editing my story. I want readers to let me know, what I need to do to improve. Plus, I want to be able to take you to one of my worlds. So hopefully every late Monday or Tuesday morning, you'll see the latest chapter of What Are You Hiding?

Please feel free to leave reviews and let me know your thoughts.

I have the first three chapters up. Click here if you would like to check it out. I hope to put it up for free on smashwords when it's completed.

Morning Thoughts

So I'm thinking I need to update my LinkedIn profile. It's been a long time since I touched it. I thought about doing years ago when I was looking for a job with my business and communication degree but I just never focused on it. Now I want to do it for my writing career. Does anyone use it? Is it worth it?

Also at the annual writer's conference here in Northeast Ohio, I've seen people with business cards. I'm wondering should I do that?

What about you? Have you done either of those things? I know eventually I'll need to market myself more, but the author/book fan page will come closer to the release of the book. I have thought about doing a website but I'll need to sit down and think about how to do so.

In other news, I need more hours so I can get more sleep.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Do I make a left or do I make a right?

For the longest time, I always pictured, my mailbox would be filled one day with rejection. Not a bad thing but I would go to the mailbox and would see that envelope. The envelope that could one day change my future. It could be a letter asking for a full manuscript. When I see rejection? I would know I would be okay. My time will come. That was in the time of the traditional printing. When that was all you knew.

Now, we have the world of self-publishing. I can do my own thing. I can sell myself.

So here is a question for my writer friends. Are you going the self-publish way or the traditional way?

I'm still torn on which direction to go. Part of me wants to do the self-publish but I'm not that great of a marketer. I have this huge fear, I won't get far. Than there is the traditional way. Again, I have to market myself but the main marketing is the book. What if I send it out and it gets rejected and rejected.

Yes, the first years of getting yourself out there with traditional publishing is going to be hard. There will be rejection after rejection but what if two years go by or five years?

I'm sure I'm not alone with this fear. I think. I know I'll get somewhere but it will take time. I just happen to be one of those people who stress out. I'll be freaking out until I get that letter in the mail. If I self-publish, I'll be going online everyday to check my sales.

I also heard that when you self-publish, agents and publishers look down at that but yet there have been success stories.

I have thought about self-publishing my werewolf story and work on my witch/warlock story that will go traditional or maybe I'll switch it up. Maybe the witch story is worthy of self publish while the werewolves should go traditional. That's just another thing going through my head.

I still have time to think about it but it those darn thoughts that still drive me crazy. Please tell me, I'm not alone. There are others freaking out, right? No? You could lie, lol.

While I write, I do try to keep up with the self-publish and traditional world. That way, I'm ready when the time comes. Which will hopefully be soon. Either way, I'll either make a left turn or a right turn, and I know I'll find a good path. It might not be the path I dream but I know I'll be happy. I did my best, I gave my all, I showed the world my world.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


If you follow authors or many book lovers, by now I'm sure you heard about the latest hashtag on Twitter, which is #YASaves.

An article was released on Wall Street's website, titled Darkness Too Visible. The link will be at the bottom of the post for those who haven't read it.

What makes me hate this article, is the simple fact, the reporter seems to have forgotten what books were out there before the YA scene. The reporter does mention some books but calls them tame. What about all those other books?

When I was a teenager, the YA scene was slowly getting out there. We had books like R.L. Stine, Christopher Pike, V.C. Andrews and even L.J. Smith. Since we didn't have bookshelf after bookshelf like today, we went to authors such as, Stephen King or Anne Rice. I even went to Mary Higgins Clark or are you ready for this? The classic authors were a favorite.

Which brings me to my next point. If the books that are out there today, are violent, graphic, etc? What about the books we read and I'm sure that are still being read today? Does anyone remember Anne Frank, Lord of the Flies, Dracula, Frankenstein? I could go on.

What about the Bible? Should young adults stop reading that? I remember being a kid and having to learn about how Jesus died on the cross. If I recall, we hear about the nails going through his skin, etc.

The reporter talks about Judy Blume. I don't know about you but I spend hours reading her books. I went from reading Fudge to Are You There God. I maybe couldn't relate to every character but I know many friends who could.

That brings me to my next point. So the books today might show more violence and are about the supernatural. Guess what? We don't exactly live in the day of holding each others hand and singing, Kumbaya. Each of those books you see on the shelf when you go into the bookstore, help teenagers. They take them away, maybe even feel like that character. So there are plots in the book about rape, being gay, divorce, hate, etc. Guess what? That's the real world. Maybe a teenager likes that book because they can relate or they know someone. Either way, if it's not a book, a teenager will hear about those graphic scenes on the news, in the school hallway, or will experience it first hand.

When you think about it. Those books we see now could be read in the schools, fifty years from now. I already know that Harry Potter and Twilight are making the school reading list.

If I ever have kids, you can bet my kids will be reading whatever they want and that includes, whatever. Just to note, I was a huge fan of Anne Rice and Stephen King while in school. My parents didn't care. I was reading, I think that made them happy. Also guess what? I turned out okay.

At thirty-one years old, I do read YA. I wish I could have those books as a teenager. I also hope my author friends who write YA and those authors that I enjoy, keep writing them.

One quick thing before I close, I read some of the comments on the article that people left. I almost felt like leaving a comment due to the fact, all those people agree with the reporter.

Oh before I forget. That list of books on the side? Are you kidding me? Why are they split by gender? Did we go back in time?

If you haven't read the article, click here.