Wednesday, March 21, 2012


ItalicSo I know I can be lazy at times and I got lucky since I lived across the bus stop but why can't kids make the simple effort to walk to a bus stop? Here it is in Northeast, Ohio and it's a record high this week. They are calling for 80 degrees today.

Sure this morning it was a little cooler but it wasn't that bad. Middle school kids were waiting in their parents cars for the bus. It amazes me they can't just walk to the stop. This might make me sound old but I remember even walking to the end of the street for the bus when I was in high school. The kids that come to the bus stop live less than a mile. It's not that far. Think of the exercise they could get from walking.

I don't know why but it bugs me. Maybe it's because these are the same kids who don't go outside at all. I remember we would be outside until dark. Weekends would come and we would all be outside doing something. Now the neighborhood feels like a ghost town with no kids outside. I always wonder how they get to their friends house. I never see them on bikes or anything.

Have kids gotten lazier or is it me?

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