Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just my thoughts.....

So another author has come out and told another reviewer off. Why can't authors just leave it alone? Not everyone is going to like your book. If I see someone leaving a review on something I wrote, sure I'll be a little upset but I'll move on. I'll know what to work on maybe for next time.

I look at the reviews as something we can use to improve on, just like when we get something from editors, agents, etc.

Negative Reviews are going to come and go. You'll get those from time to time. Move on with your life. Don't sit there and type away about some reviewer. Because here is the thing, if you write mean things about a reviewer. That makes you look bad. Other reviewers won't even try your book due to what you have done. I can already tell you, I won't be reading at least five authors who have done this. Respect for an author goes out the window when they diss someone, at least for me.

As a reviewer, although I haven't done much lately, I will come across books I couldn't stand or thought were okay. But guess what? Other reviewers liked those books. So I might not like the book but someone else does. You still have people who love your book. Enjoy that. Also, if I read a review where someone didn't like it. It doesn't necessarily get taken off my to read pile. I just take their thoughts into consideration but I won't let it stop me from reading the book. I've had books where my book reviewer friends didn't care for it but I loved it.

Just to note, if I ever come across a book I don't like and I review it. If you don't like what I have to say, sorry, but that's my opinion and that's final. Not changing my thoughts to make you happy. You can bad mouth me all you want.

Okay, just had to get that out of the way. It just annoys me that authors are doing this. I'm also surprised authors are not realizing their mistake. Haven't you noticed that once an author bad mouths a reviewer and it comes out that many readers will discover this, they stick up for the reviewer? Just something to think about before you hit that send button on facebook, twitter, or your blog.

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