Wednesday, November 23, 2011

American Horror Story....Let's Discuss

So if you're here. I hope you watched tonight's episode of American Horror. If not, turn back now and come back later. Here are some of my thoughts of tonight's episode. There will be spoilers.

Why Tate? Why? I was disappointed he ended up being Rubber Man. I really wanted it to be someone else. Who? Not sure, but I guess the whole plot with Tate and Violet, makes me not like him as the Rubber Man. I kept hoping, the first few minutes were to throw us off. That maybe he just wore it to fool us or something. I tired to think of any reason for it still not to be him. It will be interesting to see how Violet takes the news that her ghost boyfriend slept with her mom.

Speaking of Violet, she has to be dead. She missed two weeks of school. It makes you wonder. If she is. Who's next? Ben or Vivian? Maybe neither. I'm guessing if it's Vivian, it will be around the time she has the baby. Guess if she does have a demon inside her. Could she survive that? If she was to stay on the show. She would have to be giving birth in the house.

For the next episode. Question already. I didn't think Vivian could stay that far from the house for a long time? How can she stay in the mental hospital for so long when she needs to be at the house because of the babies?

Despite my disappointment in who the Rubber Man ended up being, I still love the show.

Thoughts anyone?

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