Monday, September 5, 2011

Writer's Conference Fall 2011

So I don't remember if I mentioned this yet but I did sign up for the writer's conference in September. Oh wait, it is September. How can it be September already?


It's towards the end of the month. As always I look forward to it every semester. It's held at the local community college in Kirtland, Ohio. It's nice to be together in the same room with other writers. The last time I was in a classroom like the workshops they held, was college. I miss having talks on writing. Yes, I'm a nerd. But I bet other writers would understand, lol.

As always I looked at the workshops that are planned and I have no clue which one I want to attend. If I could, I would attend them all.

We always start off with an author giving us a lecture. I'm not sure, who the one is this year, but I know I'll enjoy it.

The first set of workshops deal with young adult, mystery, and social media. For this, I'm torn. I have thought about maybe one day giving it a go at young adult. But social media would be good for me too as I get closer to publishing.

The next set deals with agents, the writing process, today's publishing, and the point of view. For me here, I'm torn between the agent, publishing, and point of view. Point of view, I might take out because I have plenty of books on that.

After those two workshop sections, we get to do a lunch with other writers which can be fun and make you nervous. I always feel like I'm back in grade school. Do I sit with the table over to my left? Maybe I should pick the one on my right. What if they don't like me? Maybe I picked the wrong table because they write a whole different genre.

But I have to tell myself to not worry about it. In the end, we all get along. Last September, I sat with a memoir writer, non-fiction, young adult, and sci-fi writer. Than there is me who is the Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Writer.

After lunch we all meet up again and have a panel where different authors will answer questions for you and they'll talk about their work. There are some interesting ones this year. The topics will be the road to publication, e-books are here to stay, and new opportunities for writers.

We still have one more workshop we can attend. The last group deals with romance and women's fiction, editing, nonfiction, and creating characters. I'm thinking on this one, the romance and women's fiction, but at the same time, editing would be good.

The rest of the conference is networking. Another part of the day, I freak out but I'm sure I'm not the only writer who starts to panic. Although, who knows maybe I'm the only one.

The one nice thing about the workshops is that you can choose or pick two. I just don't like to leave midway as the author who is presenting discussing the topic. I'm one of those who like to stick until the end.

It will be a fun day, that's for sure.

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