Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Goodbye boxers, hello sweats

Now I know I live in Ohio so I'm sure the weather will change back to warm before the end of September, but for me, I love this time of year. I love curling under the blankets. I love putting on my sweats with a big comfy sweater. Let's not forget the warm socks.

Despite the fact I was born in December, I love the fall. It's the start of being nice and toasty. The smell of the air. Halloween, the pumpkin spice flavor drinks. I could go on.

Talk to me in a few months when winter starts to show up and I bet I'll be sad fall is over. I just hope we don't have a short fall. Lately it seems it's summer and winter. Spring and Fall seem to last only a few weeks.

Here is hoping to a nice long fall.


  1. Nice to meet a fellow Buckeye reader and writer! Yes, pulled the swets out a couple of days ago and it warmed up a bit today, hooRAYo!

  2. It feels like fall. I love it. :)