Sunday, August 14, 2011


So last night while doing my last minute checking of the Internet or maybe I was lazy after a long week at work? Anyways. I came across Cynthia Eden's blog. I thought, ooh what's the latest blog about. Unfortunately this one wasn't a good one.

She talked about someone on plagiarizing her book, Deadly Heat. Why do people do that? I don't get it. How could you steal someone's work? As someone who wants to someday make it in the book business, this saddens me.

Don't steal. If you want to write. Write! There are plenty of stories to be told. If you want to write about an FBI agent, come up with your own twist. I bet I could think of a few different stories just using an FBI agent and making it paranormal. Sure the stories don't come right away, but they are there, and will find a way out.

I can't believe this person who calls themselves a writer, wrote how she worked hard, did research, etc. All she did was copy and paste. She changed the characters names to Edward and Bella.

What's worse, is she does the copyright at the beginning about Stephenie Meyers.

I'm glad she was caught by Eden and others. What is sad though, even if she was caught? One, the story is still up. Second, she could post it somewhere else. Third, someone else is out there doing the same thing with our other favorite authors.

What are your thoughts?

On a side note, I just have to get this out. BROWNS WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, okay I'm done.


  1. That's so sad. I hate the thought that it could happen to any of us at any time. I actually write my stuff on an internet free laptop mini (mainly because I'm like a ADHD raccoon hyped up on coffee when it comes to www. distractions but also) because I want very little chance that someone could take *my* thoughts. I'm very glad that she caught them :-)

  2. The woman came on with a note saying how sorry she was but it was just an experiment. I really don't believe that for one minute.