Monday, August 8, 2011

Self Publishing a no-no when you want to go Traditional?

Here is a question for many writers out there.

I've talked to a few writers about publishing. Okay, who hasn't? One topic is, if you self-publish. Will traditional publishers deny you? Some say yes, they won't look at your work. Others say, they'll look at your sales and see how you are doing. Other say, sure why not self-publish, while you look for a publisher.

As we know there are some self-publishing authors out there who have done well, they are now going the traditional way.

So what do you think? Is it good to self-publish first? If you want to do traditional, should you not even think twice about self-publishing?


  1. I'm not sure. I have my mind, and heart, on going the traditional route first. I'm not sure if that's right or wrong, but I have an obligation to be true to myself. The good thing about epub is that it's always going to be there for you to try. I will not lie and say I don't plan on epubing because I think developing a fan base whatever way you can is smart. Plus, I am a girl. Instant gratification makes me happy. Like shopping only...better! Still, Messy Death is slated for the daunting task of agent searches and so on. :-)

  2. I thought about traditional first but there is that part of me that wants to try self-pub at the same time. Like, try traditional and if it doesn't work, oh well. I'll go self-pub.

    But so many people are self-publishing now and they have success, but how well I can do as a marketer?

  3. This is what I’ve been reading a lot on blogs, websites, from authors, in hashtags on Twitter (I can’t always make it on time, but I can go back a read :-) ), and in articles ~ Traditional publishers won’t snub an author for going self-pub, like the olden days. They will however look at how well the author’s online set up is. Are they on Twitter? Do they blog? Do they have a Facebook? If their name is Googled do they show up on the first page? AND more of them (from what I’ve read) don’t like it when they see that an author is popping out books on Createspace for $99. (I really looked into that and a lot of people are saying those authors are getting marked as B authors. Sad, I was thinking of trying it with a few novellas). But other than that, I’ve read that agents take on self-pub authors, and selp-pub authors can get picked up. Some authors use self-pubs for the book they send to agents (it looks neater and if they have hired an editor… bonus!) If you’re free on Monday’s at 6pm PST try out #Writersroad it’s a great group and they get agents to talk there too, not all the time, but sometimes. Agents are the ones to ask if they would ever take on someone whose self-pubbed. With the writing and publishing world morphing into something new I think they are becoming more open-minded. I did read on one agent’s blog last year that they ONLY looked at the book sales of people who have been published traditionally and never self-pub sales because they didn’t feel self-pubbed authors had the marketing edge, and from the sound of that it was standard. #writersroad #yalitchat #litchat are all good ones to follow for input. Sorry this is long, I hope I helped. :-) Good luck. :-)

  4. That should be $.99 not $99 on Createspace... Sorry. And sorry for the other typos. :-/