Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Legend Quest

So I've been catching up on Legend Quest on Syfy. I thought it would be interesting show but now I'm not so sure. Which kind of sucks because I love Destination Truth and the Ghost Hunter shows.

I think what has been driving me crazy about this show is the evidence or should I say clues? He seems to find something and think he has the next clue. I know the show is only an hour but couldn't they show more research even if it's a thirty second clip. It's like he looks at a painting and goes, "Ha-ha, I have the next clue." If that is all it took. Maybe historians would have found lost treasures by now.

Maybe it will get better, I don't know. Right now though, I'm not a fan and yet, I"ll probably watch another episode. Part of me I guess, keeps hoping he'll actually find something or it will look more real.

Plus the girl on the show. Does she do anything? She seems to do a lot of standing and nodding.

What about you? Have you watched Legend Quest? Thoughts?

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