Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Song to Add

I'm starting to think I should use all the songs by 30 Seconds to Mars for the playlist of my novel. Lately when I write, they have been on in the background.

If I had to pick just one? I think this one would be in my novel.

Speaking of 30 Seconds to Mars, it just seems like yesterday I wanted a boyfriend in junior high just like Jared Leto's character in My So-Called Life. I remember when that show came out and there were many of us who couldn't stop thinking of him.


  1. My sister LOVES 30 Seconds to Mars. I remember watching My So Called Life (in my mid twenties, I think) and I was SO in love with Jared Leto. I would have seriously been robbing the cradle...LOL! He is SO gorgeous! Yeah, I think their music would be a good playlist.